What Is a Cool Roof?

what is a cool roof?

It’s no secret that it can get pretty hot here in Los Angeles, and it’s also no secret that air conditioning bills can stretch higher than a downtown skyscraper while you try to keep your commercial building cool. Central Roofing Company is here to offer some useful information on how you can improve the performance of your roof and keep things cool for you, your employees and your customers with cool roof coatings this upcoming sweltering summer season.

The Cool Roofing System

Rather than have to tear off your current roof and put down a new one to keep your building cool, the cool roof system uses a reflective coating to bounce back the sun’s rays rather than allow them to penetrate your roof where they can lead to unnecessarily high interior temperatures and spending. Besides special roof coatings, you can also put down shingles or tiles on your church, apartment complex, multi-family home or government building.

Additional Benefits of Cool Roofs

Besides keeping your roof cool and your electricity bills a bit more manageable in the hotter months of the year, cool roofs are also an ideal choice for making your roof more durable. There’s also the fact that you’re doing your part to cut down on the urban heat island effect, which creates a metropolitan area that’s much warmer than the surrounding rural area as a result of increased human activity.

You’ll also be pleased to know that cool roofs go a long way in lengthening the life of roofs because of the fact that the extra heat doesn’t lead to premature wear and tear. The owners of auto repair shops and businesses that operate in covered patios are sure to enjoy the fact that cool roofs keep such areas cool and comfortable for employees and customers alike.

Community Benefits of Cool Roofs

Know that your cool roof helps more than your business. Installing one reduces the need for you to consume more electricity to operate your air conditioning unit, which reduces the stress on your local electric grid, which can go a long way in preventing annoying power outages. Finally, cool roof coatings help to cut down on power plant emissions, which goes a long way in reducing the amount of nitrous oxides, sulfur dioxide and other harmful chemicals being expelled into the air and atmosphere.

Learn more about how you can keep your commercial building cooler in the summer and your neighborhood more energy efficient. Central Roofing Company is here to help you keep your cool and your sanity.

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