Testimonial #10

Central Roofing is fast, good, & affordable & if you’re in construction you know you usually only get 2 of the three. The entire team at Central Roofing from the top down are top notch professionals. It was a pleasure to work with them & look forward to working with them in the future.

Testimonial #9

On behalf Fairfield Residential I wanted to thank you for your hard work and due diligence on the project of Villagio Apartments. Central Roofing’s job performance over the past 3 months has been quite commendable! Many of the long term residents as well as the onsite staff reported to me how quickly the job was done from start to finish. Given the size of this job, an excess of 300 multi family units, this is excellent workmanship & worth recognizing Central Roofing for a job well done!

Testimonial #8

Over the last several years St. Vincent’s Medical Center has entrusted Central Roofing Company with over 118,000 square feet of roofing. Meeting the specialized demands of a Hospital is not easy.Central’s performance and service has always been top notch!

Testimonial #7

I would like to thank Central Roofing for all their patience and hard work with the installation of our new roof coating system. Everything was explained so that there were no worries or unanswered questions. I have tenants on the second floor and with all the activity during the installation of the roof system I had no complaints. Thanks again for a great job!

Testimonial #6

The selection of a good roofing contractor is perhaps one of the most important decisions that you will ever make for your building. Our choice is Central Roofing for our various industrial & commercial properties throughout the San Fernando Valley. Central’s staff, project manager & roofers have always provided excellent service, completing each job on time, on budget, and with minimal disruption or inconvenience to our tenants. They have earned our trust over a period of many years. We would highly recommend Central Roofing to anyone who is in need of roofing service.

Testimonial #5

As property managers, there are some things we simply cannot compromise on: vendor contracts and roofing for our commercial properties. Central Roofing and their professionalism, fast response time, clear and concise bids, friendly personnel, follow through, and flexibility have been a breath of fresh air and a pleasure to work with. Thank you Central Roofing for taking the headache out of more than 5 of our commercial re-roofing projects thus far and we look forward to more projects to come!

Testimonial #4

I just want to say that I am overwhelmed with the professionalism of your crew. They all are extremely polite & respectful of the work going on around them. We just went through a major reconstruction of the offices last year. The difference between the construction crews & your staff is like night & day. You have trained them well. Please let them know their work is appreciated!

Testimonial #3

We had a great experience with Central Roofing from tear off to job completion. Our project manager was with us from start to finish advising us throughout the roofing process. I would absolutely use Central again for any roofing needs.

Testimonial #2

Central Roofing’s crew did a fantastic job, we’re very pleased. Above & beyond are the best words to describe their work….I’d be happy to speak to anyone considering Central Roofing.

Testimonial #1

Central Roofing’s price, quality of work & communication with ownership & tenants during the installation of a roof restoration system on two industrial buildings totaling 450,000 sq. ft. was OUTSTANDING!