Silicone Roofing Systems Explained

silicone roofing systems los angeles

You have many options when it comes to roofing your commercial building in Los Angeles. There are choices in materials. You have to choose between patching a roof or putting on a new one. You must consider many things when making your decision. At Central Roofing Company, we want you to know all your options, which is why we want to talk about silicone coating.

What Are Silicone Roofing Systems?

A silicone roofing system is actually a coating. It can be applied to almost any existing roofing material to create a whole new roof that offers complete protection. These coatings provide a seamless membrane. It is going to protect the roof from weather conditions, sun damage, and water issues. In some cases, the silicone must be applied with a primer to ensure maximum protection and coverage.

How Is It Used?

A silicone coating is used in a couple ways. It is never used as a standalone roofing material, though. It is only for covering existing roofing. This is due to the fact they are sprayed on to apply them. Most often it will be used over a roof that is getting old and may have issues with leaking or is failing in some way. It can also be used on a new roof. This gives you the ability to expand the life of the roof and saves you a lot of money in the long term. It also ensures this new roofing system is solid and won’t let you down anytime in the near future.

Why Should You Use Silicone Coating?

One of the top reasons to invest in silicone coatings is to prolong the life of your roof. It saves time and money over trying to put on a new roof. It is also a complete system that will not sustain damage from the sun or breakdown over time as other roofing materials do. In addition, it is seamless, which means there is far less chance of any water leakage issues.

Silicone Roof Advantages

Hopping right into the great things about silicone, know that it’s touted for its resistance to ponding water, the fact that it doesn’t wear away over time the way other roofing materials do and how it can save money and time during installation because there’s no need for silicone to be supported with roof fabric.

Yet even more benefits of choosing silicone for Los Angeles roofing include its reflective properties help keep your building interior cool and it’s easily applied to your current roof surface.

The Not-So-Good

For all the great things about silicone roofing, it’s not without its downsides. One of the biggest turn offs is the overall price of silicone coating. That being said, that high price is well-worth the many benefits mentioned above; you’ll have one less thing to worry about when it comes to the upkeep and functionality of your property.

One thing we’d like to point out here is the fact that silicone can be quite slippery when it becomes wet. This means you and anyone else who ventures up on your roof need to be careful moving around on your roof after a rain or other slick conditions. It’s also imperative that you wait to apply silicone to your roof when it’s bone dry, otherwise, it might not fully stick.

While you might wince at the overall cost, the benefits of silicone roof coating cannot be denied. If you need a protective finish for your business roof, you simply can’t go wrong with silicone.

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