Preventative Roof Maintenance 101

preventative roof maintenance

While you’re taking care of the day-to-day aspects of operating your business, be sure that you don’t neglect to give your roof the attention it needs to keep performing at its best and protecting everything underneath it. Central Roofing Company, a premier Los Angeles Roofer since 1992, is here to provide you with the fundamentals of roof maintenance to keep unnecessary repairs and spending well under control.

The Meaning of Roof Maintenance

To know what to expect from roofing maintenance, you first have to understand just what this type of maintenance is. In addition to taking care of damage and necessary repairs, proper maintenance to your Los Angeles roof also involves carefully visually inspecting your roof. Such inspections are best done by experienced commercial roofers with the knowledge and training necessary to identify potential problems and areas of improvement. While some repairs are obvious, such as missing shingles, others are only identified by a trained eye.

Roof Maintenance Programs

The type of roof you have also determines its maintenance. For instance, some roofing materials are relatively maintenance free, which means they usually don’t need to be inspected as often as other roofing materials. Maintenance programs are designed to predict specific issues based on the type of roof you have and how long it’s expected to last, which gives you a head start on saving up for a new roof when your current roof starts to reach the end of its life expectancy.

Parts of Your Roof That Need to Be Maintained

Commercial roofing systems are made up of several parts, and it’s essential that each specific component is thoroughly inspected during maintenance. Such parts include:

● Flashings
● The roof membrane
● Traffic walkways
● Roof surface penetrations, such as vent pipes
● Roof insulation
● Roof decking

The system must work and be maintained as a whole in order for it to provide your business with the best protection possible.

Roofing Interior

When it comes to roof maintenance and roof repair, it’s just as important to look at the interior of your building as it is to examine the exterior. Interior indications that your roof might be in need of attention include discolored interior wall surfaces, stains on the ceiling tiles, mold and signs of leaking around the frames of your windows. While these signs could be totally unrelated to your roof, it’s best that you let us come out and take a look just to be on the safe side.

It’s always preferable to head a roofing disaster off at the pass. Get in touch with the roofing experts here at Central Roofing Company to start a maintenance program for your commercial roof.

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