How Skylights Save Businesses Money on Energy

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Why Your Building Needs Skylights

Business owners looking for a way to improve their energy efficiency while doing the same to the ambiance of their apartment complex, industrial building or multi-family property should give strong consideration to skylight installation. Central Roofing Company of Los Angeles wants to show you why letting the sun pierce its way through the roof of your building gives you the best of both worlds.

Save on Your Electric Bills

When you have daylighting inside your office, there’s little reason to switch on the electric lights. Skylights brighten up the room and your mood while wrangling your electric bills under control. During the summer when the days are longer, you’re sure to notice the money-saving difference your skylight makes.

Better Employee Productivity

It’s no secret that sunlight exposure puts you in a better mood, which means that roof skylights are sure to make your employees smile throughout the workday. With an elevated mood, employees are more likely to produce better work. Just make sure your employees don’t spend too much time basking in the sunlight.

Improved Technology Blocks Heat Transfer

With a skylight, you might be worried that summer heat will trickle its way through the opening to heat up your building, which can heat up your cooling bills. You’ll be pleased to know that skylight technology has changed for the better to block heat transfer, which means your building interior remains the same temperature without your air conditioner having to work harder to maintain your desired temperature.

Easier on Your Taxes

Yet another great thing about installing a skylight in your building is that doing so can pay off next tax season. To see just how much you can alleviate your tax burden, it’s best that you speak with an experienced accountant to see if there are any tax incentives available for you to take advantage of.

Fewer Sick Days

When you’re in a good mood, you might feel as if nothing can bring you down, which does wonders for your health. The same is true when it comes to your employees and their susceptibility to illness. Studies suggest that increased sunlight exposure can boost a person’s immune system, which means there’s less chance of your employees calling in sick. If anything, they might be more eager to come into work if they know they’ll spend the day in a warm glow.

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