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Polyester Reinforced Silicone Coating System

Harvard Plaza in Burbank.

We designed a high end coating restoration system on a 10 story roof which allowed for a 20 year warranty without having to fully remove the entire roof. We swept and downloaded all of the existing aggregate rock, and then installed an asphalt and polyester reinforced Silicone coating system. This allowed the roof to reach Title 24 compliance for cool roofing standards.

Completed in October 2017.


                      Before                                                                                    After

silicone roof coating beforesilicone roof coating after


Silicone Coating System on Low Slope Commercial Roof

A&A Wiping Cloth Inc. in Los Angeles. Approximately 10,200 square feet including parapet walls. Fluid applied Tropical Silicone Coating System (Energy Star Rated Cool Roof/Title 24 Compliant).

Includes a 15 year material and labor warranty. Completed in September 2016.

Before                                                                                    After

a&a wiping california roofa&a wiping cloth after roof shot

Before                                                                                    After

before silicone roof coating los angeles buildingsilicone roof coating los angeles building

Before                                                                                    After

before roof coating system 4after roof coating 4